Do you feel guilt if you eat ‘the wrong thing’? Do you stop yourself from wearing certain clothes or going to certain events because of how you look? Do you talk to yourself about your body in a way that you would never talk to someone else?

If you feel anything but love and gratitude towards your body - this challenge is for you!



A few years ago, I thought negatively about my body over 100 times a day. I hated it and I treated it terribly. Since then I have spent countless hours working on my relationship with my body - I’ve read books, been to retreats, listened to podcasts. I can honestly say I have completely changed my relationship with my body and my life.

I’ve created a 7 Day challenge teaching you some of the biggest things that helped me and changed my life. The daily practices will change the way you see and talk to yourself and how confidently you show up in the world.

This will be a small, private group so we can really dive deep together. I want it to feel like an online retreat - I’ll be there chatting to every one of you, doing live sessions and sharing my journey as well as being able to give one on one help and advice. I’m so excited!!

What’s Included:

  • Access to a private Instagram page where I will be limiting the number of participants to keep it intimate

  • Daily journal prompts and small challenges

  • Instagram live sessions where you can ask me questions 1-on-1 and I can answer any questions

  • I will be sharing my journey in a raw and honest way like I never have before

  • A small community of like minded people who are there to support each other and help each other every step of the way

  • Guided meditation you can continue to do after the challenge

  • Tons of surprises & so much more!

When does the challenge begin:

The challenge officially begins on Friday June 21st for seven days and all of the content will be live for a couple of weeks after it is over.

The Investment:

The challenge costs $7 per day for 7 days or $49 in total. When you invest in yourself, even for as little as the price of a coffee per day, the effort and focus you put into something is so much greater. I hope you care enough about yourself and your future to take this step towards living your dream life!

Here’s how it works:


Complete your payment and submit your email for my Love Your Body Challenge right here :)


2. Follow THE CHALLENGE on Instagram

Request to follow @kindchallenges on Instagram once you’ve signed up here, and I’ll accept you into the private group.

The challenge will entirely take place on that Instagram account, so follow along for my challenge stories and posts!


The challenge will take place starting Wednesday June 19th to June 26th. I’ll send an email to remind you, but make sure you put it in your calendar so you don’t forget to check the @kindchallenges account that Monday morning, when we officially begin.

4. Have fun!

The whole point of this challenge is to create a space for us to engage supportively with one another about what really matters.

We all know too many incredible people that we adore who stop themselves from living their best lives because of insecurity—it’s clear to us they deserve better, and yet we treat ourselves that same way. Let’s step out of our heads and into loving our bodies, together.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side :)